Come with me

Come with me, come. Put yourself to all this work chopping stone. All this terror, swinging out suddenly, swirling in space, hunkering back. Come with me, climb. Stand, consult, tug for more rope, risk every moment rickety stairs, treachery of foothold. It's utter blue I'm after - blue the most nearly violet of all the mixes and values, blue that pulls me taller, head stretching yards from the spindly legs I'm attached to like a new foal struggling with its collapsible joints. Something I can't see is going on like a symphony heard before notes. Something in the hurricane force of wind rubs me to a gold edge the length of my spine. Feet way down still at work on standing breath in a hurry head in the clear I'm on the verge of purest being. The stone before my eyes gives way to hints endowed with lights. Come with me. Climb.

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