Bob Moses: ''When Elephants Dream of Music.'' (Gramavision Records GR8203) Arranger-composer Gil Evans refers to Bob Moses in the liner notes as ''Bob Moses, composer, drummer, poet, artist, conceptualizer, inspirer of people.'' And truly, festival promoters who are looking for exponents of the ''new music'' ought to check him out. This is one of the most original and delightful albums to have come out in quite a while. Moses has assembled a large number of musician friends, including Sheila Jordan on vocals, Howard Johnson on tuba and electric contrabass clarinet, Lyle Mays on synthesizers, Steve Swallow on electric bass, and Jeremy Steig on bass flute. How to describe this music? It includes elements that encompass the worlds of jazz, Dixie, pop, avant-garde, rock, animal noises, jungle rhythms, elephant dances, and on and on. Yet it speaks with its own voice - a mood-spinning voice that is full of love and humor and innocence and a touch of craziness. Undoubtedly not to everybody's taste, Bobby Moses' album nonetheless should be sought out by anyone who has the spirit of musical adventure in his or her soul. All the compositions are by Moses.

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