GOP strategy tied to another Reagan race

Sen. Richard G. Lugar, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, said in a recent interview that all of his plans to reelect Republican senators are tied to a Reagan campaign.

''I just would not consider that our President isn't running,'' the Indiana senator said.

Other campaign issues discussed:

* Minorities. ''I don't think you can go, as I have, to many black groups without coming right up against the thought that the federal government needs to provide . . . income support to blacks in this country. And the party that appears to offer that support most generally is the party that they will favor.''

''It has obviously not been a favorable terrain, because the Republican policy has generally been to try to diminish the increases in domestic federal programs.''

* Women. ''I think Republicans have been and are going to be equally vigorous in providing justice for women.''

''I think one of the strongest things we can do is to encourage women to run for the Senate, and I would like to have a good number of women candidates.''

* Government aid to depressed industry. ''I think there is a possibility of this occurring if most Americans are serious about the retention of automobile and steel and other big industries.''

But he ruled out ''transfusions of money by the federal government, protective tariffs, (and) protective arrangements.''

''The Democrats have not been talking about industrial policy at all. They've tried to seize upon those two words as a cliche without offering content.

''They do so because they sense that the economy is improving and unemployment is coming down, that prosperity is coming alive in most communities. And they perceive that President Reagan's approval ratings are rising right along with the economic (indicators).''

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