Fred the magical elephant

One day I went to the zoo. I met an elephant named Fred. He could talk because he was magical. He told me he wanted to get out of the zoo. He didn't like it there.

That night I sneaked out of my house and sneaked into the zoo and got Fred out. Then I took him home with me because it was late and we were tired. When we got home I couldn't fit Fred in through the door because he was too big. I said, ''Fred, if you're magical, could you make yourself small so I can bring you in?'' Fred said, ''Sure, I can.'' He swung his trunk and kapooee, he was small.

Then we went up to bed. Fred was having a good dream and he was swinging his trunk back and forth. Kapooee - he was big! Then my bed broke and the floor broke and then we fell through to the living room. But we didn't fall through to the basement. My mom and dad woke up and said, ''What was that noise? It's probably just our imagination.'' They went back to sleep.

I said, ''Fred, this will cost a lot of money to repair. But remember, Fred, you're magical. Can you fix this?'' He said, ''Sure,'' and kapooee - it was fixed. We were back in our bed and Fred was small again.

The next day I went to school, and it was Pet Day. I brought Fred for my pet. He was small enough to carry, so I got into the stuffed animal line and I put Fred down and pretended he was electrical. He was nervous so he swung his trunk back and forth. Kapooee, he was big. I said, ''Why is everyone staring at me? This is just my little toy elephant.'' I leaned against him and felt he was big again. I said, ''Oh, no, not again!'' Then Fred ran away.

I went looking for Fred. I found him behind the gym. I said, ''Why did you run away?'' He said, ''Because I made you mad.'' Then I told him everyone makes mistakes.

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