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POP/ROCK Thomas Dolby: ''Blinded by Science.'' (Venice In Peril/Capital Records. MLP- 15007.) The title cut echoes exotically of old sci-fi flics as it at the same time displays its wares of synthesized rock. Dolby himself supplies the lead vocals on this mini-album (aided by science from the sound of them) and is responsible for something called a Wave computer and the ''drum programs.'' The idiosyncracies of the first cut and its entertaining disco-pop sound were satisfying, appealing, in fact. A tight, versatile demonstration of Dolby's craft with sound. However, so much of the rest of the music on this album sounded like filler that we were disappointed. On a mini-album there's no room for fluff. ''One of Our Submarines'' sounded like empty experiment with synthesizer toys - a grab bag of artificial noises. Ditto for ''Windpower'' Side 2, with it's sterilized meandering. With ''Airwaves'' Dolby rebounds, however, with a shimmering tunefulness - and the most conventional of all the songs on this record. Dolby has a fresh, mastered sound. His mechanics, though, need more music.

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