Cleaning fireplace stone

To the real estate editor: A reader asked about cleaning fireplace stone: I have a large bluestone fireplace which gets very discolored from soot and find that a soda-and-water solution does a great job quickly, easily, and effectively.

Ed. note: There are so many good homemade remedies, unknown to most people, which clean various materials.

The public library contains much literature on homemade cleaning remedies, along with a host of natural preventives against bugs that eat useful plants, and the like. Ask a reference librarian for some of those writings. You may be amazed at how many natural remedies there are for cleaning and repelling.

Among the professional manufacturers of cleaning materials for a whole spectrum of stains and spots is ProSoCo Inc., PO Box 4437, Kansas City, Kan. 66104. The phone number is (913) 281-2700.

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