The Monitor would like to clarify some points in the March 28 article ''Nicaragua: the rebels who turned against their own revolution.'' 1. The article stated that the Democratic Revolutionary Alliance (ARDE) had learned of ''evidence'' linking former Nicaraguan Ambassador to Washington Francisco Fiallos Navarro to funds missing from a Nicaraguan bank account. The article should have used the phrase ''allegations by the Nicaraguan government'' instead of ''evidence.'' The Monitor regrets this mistake.

The story also stated that when ARDE learned of the allegations, it decided to ''hear from him (Fiallos) again'' before tapping the former ambassador as an ARDE adviser or ambassador-at-large. The source for that report, ARDE leader Alfonso Robelo Callejas, says these remarks to the Monitor could have been mistakenly construed to mean that ARDE had reservations about giving Mr. Fiallos a prominent role in the counterrevolutionary group.

Mr. Robelo says that ARDE now is satisfied with Mr. Fiallos's explanation of the charges against him, and that Mr. Fiallos had to leave his work at ARDE because he ''couldn't help (ARDE) in the way he had wanted until he cleared up'' the allegations. Robelo says ARDE has ''every reason to believe'' that Mr. Fiallos will successfully defend himself against these accusations.

2. Arturo Cruz, former Nicaraguan ambassador to Washington and presently an official at the Inter-American Development Bank, is volunteering his free time to assist ARDE in Washington. He is not on the ARDE payroll.

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