Keep your opponent guessing by mixing shots

John McEnroe is away to a marvelous start this season, having won the WCT final and the Forest Hills Tournament of Champions. He isn't bringing home any sportsmanship awards, but his game is wonderfully diverse.

Variety is the spice of a good tennis game, and McEnroe is a master of court sense. He mixes up his shots better than a Hall of Fame baseball pitcher. He can do it all - and he often does much of it at the most unexpected times.

McEnroe will blast a serve past an opponent, then feed him a dinky little slice serve. He'll pound a passing shot down the line, and then throw up a confusing topspin lob. Rarely, does he hit the same shot twice in a row.

Consequently, his opponents are kept constantly off balance, and McEnroe controls his matches. It's an exciting way to play, and the weekend tennis player can learn from it. Mix up your shots and mix up your opposition.

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