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We've planted a Mutsu apple and a Jonathan. Will these cross-pollinate each other? Also, will they act as pollinators for other apple varieties we may plant later? Jonathan is a good pollinator for many apple varieties, including Mutsu. Most apple varieties, if they bloom at the same time, will cross-pollinate. However, Mutsu does not produce viable pollen, so you should plant another variety to pollinate the Jonathan.

Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, and Cortland are good cross-pollinator varieties.

A while ago we read an article about old-fashioned apples. We are interested in obtaining a Golden Russet, a Snow Apple, and a Winter Banana. Are available as dwarf trees? If so, where we can buy them? J.E. Miller Nurseries (Canandaigua, N.Y. 14424) lists 18 varieties of antique apples on semidwarf rootstock, which they call ''no ladder'' trees. They specialize in fruits and nuts, although they have ornamentals also. Their catalog is free.

Last summer we saw small, red, single-flowered plants growing in a public park in Illinois. The park attendant said they were marigolds, and although the flowers did resemble marigolds, they had a fernlike foliage. Would you know what the complete name is? You probably saw one of the small rock-garden type marigolds called Tagetes signata pumila. A red one we are familiar with is named Paprika. They also come in shades of yellow and may be listed as Signet Marigolds, Tagetes signata, or Rock Garden Marigolds. Tagetes is the Latin name for marigold.

I have been trying to root some scented geranium slips in water, but they just rot off at the bottom. Parent plant must not be limp from lack of water. Tip ends need to be turgid so cuttings will be firm. Snap off a 3- to 5-inch tip cutting at a node (joint). Remove all but about three leaves, then insert stem an inch or so into moist perlite, vermiculite, or sphagnum peat moss (or a combination of them). Old timers like to have some coarse, washed sharp sand in the mix. This is available at lumber dealers. Protect cuttings from direct sun and keep medium moist. If air is hot and dry, cuttings benefit from atomizing frequently.

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