You can 'reglaze' bathtub yourself

Q. Would you tell me where to get information on reglazing of porcelain bathtubs and sinks? I wish to do the work myself. R. Johnston Victoria, British Columbia

A. Get in touch with Zynolyte Products Inc., 18915 Laurel Park Road, Compton , Calif. 90220. The phone number is: (213) 604-1333. Ask about Klenk's Tub & Tile, which should work well on porcelainized surfaces when used according to package directions.

The manufacturer says the finish will last from three to five years, provided it is not scoured with abrasive cleaners.

The product is a two-part epoxy mixed in equal parts before use. Apply two coats, the second no sooner than 12 hours and no later than 36 hours after the first. Apply only in temperatures of 65 degrees F. or higher.

Proper surface preparation is crucial to success so be sure to read, and then follow, the directions on the label.

For local sources of porcelain repair, check the telephone Yellow Pages under Porcelain Repairs.

If you want to check out other specific manufacturers and applicators, ask your reference librarian for

names and addresses listed in the current Thomas Register.

Those wishing to have porcelain repairs made by a professional may contact a local franchiser of Porcelite Enterprises, 14650 Southlawn Lane, Rockville, Md. 20852 - or call (301) 340-6933. There are others as well.

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