Mobilizing to protect animals

Thousands of human beings showed their respect for all creatures great and small on Sunday. In various American cities and ten other countries they were responding to a call for history's biggest outpouring of concern for laboratory animals.

Sponsored by an international coalition, Mobilization for Animals, the event brought together groups and individuals with differing approaches and points of view. Some opposed all experimentation on animals; some sought to eliminate or minimize animals' pain and fear during any experiments; some went beyond decency toward animals to designate rights for them.

Applause must go to those, whatever their stage of awareness, who are willing to give of themselves for the sake of creatures helpless in the hands of mankind. Their movement grows at a time technology is providing alternatives to animal experiments, and efforts to reform and tighten animal experimentation laws are being made.

But cruelty to animals is not confined to the laboratory. The neglect of pets , the abuse of livestock - there are many instances where individuals can help prevent pain whether or not they belong to a movement.

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