Car-care TV series in a second season

''The Last Chance Garage'' has thrown up the doors on its second season. Hosted by Brad Sears, ''The Last Chance Garage'' is a 13-part weekly series on PBS designed to make the owning, maintaining, and repairing of an automobile less onerous for the average motorist.

But beyond that, it is also aimed at enlightening the more sophisticated motorist as well.

What host Sears does, following last year's successful format, is to steer viewers around some of the pitfalls in automotive repair as well as help the person who is in the market for a new car. He'll even road-test and evaluate some of the '83-model vehicles, for example.

During the course of the TV series, Sears takes a look at off-road and recreational vehicles as well as antiques and classics. He covers how to keep the car battery in shape, get the best price on a trade-in, and extend the life of a set of new tires.

You'll even take a ride with Sears in the original 1907 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.

The owner who rarely, if ever, takes the car manual out of the glove box may find a stop at ''The Last Chance Garage'' worth the time. And it doesn't cost a cent.

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