Thomas Register lists modular-home builders

Q. We plan to move to Maryland and wish to build a modular-type residence. Please give me the names and addresses of modular-home builders in the state. Are there any you prefer?

Rosann Browne, Toms River, N.J.

A. We are not personally familiar with any modular-home builders in Maryland , but here are two listings taken from our local-library Thomas Register: Porta-Space Inc., PO Box 515-T, Cockeysville, Md. 21030 (301-532-7071); and Schult Homes Corporation, Inland Steel Company, Elkton, Md. 21921 (301-398-2100 ).

For other modular-home builders, look in the Yellow Pages of the telephone directory under ''Modular Buildings, Homes, and Offices.''

Before doing business with any company in a new area, verify the firm's reputation with the Better Business Bureau or any other agency that is familiar with the company. Avoid those companies with marginal records of performance.

For the benefit of readers who are unfamiliar with the term ''modular home,'' it is a building that is planned or constructed on the basis of a standard pattern or standard dimension. If you have a question on maintaing your house, send it to the real-estate editor, The Christian Science Monitor, One Norway Street, Boston, Mass. 02115. Forrest M. Holly is a longtime California builder now living in Arizona.m

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