Central America wrap-up

Nicaragua reported fighting between Army and rebel troops in two northeastern towns as well as an attack by Honduran troops on a northwest border post. Victor Tinoco, deputy foreign minister of the Marxist-led government, said the infiltration of rightist rebels from Honduras posed no military threat. But he said his government feared the action might be the opening salvo of an alleged plot by the United States to provoke all-out war. The US State Department refused to discuss the charges. At the United Nations, the Security Council held closed-door consultations to decide on a possible emergency meeting on the situation, as requested by Nicaragua.

In El Salvador, meanwhile, government troops gained control of the Cacaguatique volcano in Morazan province, the provincial commander said. The volcano, which he said was the key to the whole province, is about six miles northwest of the provincial capital, San Francisco Gotera.

In Guatemala, President Efrain Rios Montt signed a second amnesty decree for leftist rebels, which takes effect next Monday. The first, last June, was followed by the imposition of a state of siege and a ruthless anti-rebel push by the Army.

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