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Here's one for Atari Democrats . . . or Republicans. Personal computers (PCs, as they say in computer lingo) could become as indispensable to local politicians as handshakes and kissable babies. Two Harvard students have designed a program for PCs that can run an entire political campaign. Big-time politicians have used costly, large computers in campaigns for years. But that kind of high-tech help doesn't come cheap. Now, along comes CAMPAIGN, the program from the students. For $180-$300, depending on how much the market will bear, a candidate can buy the software, which enables a PC to keep track of volunteers, rank them by dedication and reliability, and send out press releases, memos, even thank-you notes. One political consulting firm in Houston is already interested in the program.

CAUTION: The system is 0 for 1 so far. A little-known Republican failed to upset the heavily favored (non-Atari Democrat) House Speaker Tip O'Neill last fall, despite CAMPAIGN help.m

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