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JAZZ Jon Hendricks & Company: ''Love.'' Jon Hendricks, Judith Hendricks, Michele Hendricks, Leslie Dorsey, Bob Gurland, vocals; Eric Doney, David Hazeltine, Jimmy Smith, piano; James Leary, Jon Burr, bass. Marvin Smith, drums; Ray Scott, guitar; Harry Sweets Edison, trumpet; Jerome Richardson, tenor sax. Muse. MR 5258. This is Hendricks's first vocal group album since his success with Lambert , Hendricks, and Ross in the 1950s and '60s. Here he sings with wife, Judith, and daughter Michelle, with Gurland singing in the ensemble as well as adding his somewhat superfluous mouth trumpet noises on a few blues choruses. Overall there's a lot of good material in this album. True, Judith isn't Annie Ross, and now and then she comes across a bit syrupy (as in ''L'il Darlin' ''), but generally she's done a fine job learning the demanding soprano parts. Jon's voice is husky, almost hoarse here, which is a bit painful on the slower numbers , but he's still the unrivaled king of bebop singing - check him out on ''Berkshire Blues.'' Daughter Michelle is the unquestioned vocal star of the group and will undoubtedly go on to make a successful career of her own. She does more than justice to her solo spot - a softly swinging arrangement of ''Angel Eyes,'' sung in her rich, warm voice, accompanied only by guitar. The choice of tunes is excellent, giving a nod once again to Randy Weston, one of Jon's favorites, this time with ''Willie's Tune,'' and ''Good Ol' Lady;'' and Jerome Richardson's ''The Swinging Groove Merchant.'' Welcome back, Jon.

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