Add another $30 billion to get real figure on defense spending

In fiscal year 1984, the Reagan administration is seeking $245 billion for Pentagon budget outlays, $281 billion when obligations for future spending are added in. But actual spending for defense is much higher - well over $30 billion higher - when military-related items from other departments are added in. Among these:

1. Nuclear weapons research and production by the Energy Department, $6.8 billion.

2. Benefits for veterans of past wars, $26 billion.

3. Department of Education ''impact aid'' to school districts near military bases, $465 million.

4. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. There are differences of opinion over how much NASA research is strictly military, but the number of space shuttle missions devoted to defense is increasing. Several billion dollars.

5. Maritime Administration. Some federal shipbuilding and shipping subsidies are justified on national security grounds. Several hundred million dollars.

6. Interest on the federal debt related to earlier deficit financing for military spending. At least several billion of the $90 billion total.

7. Civil defense portion of emergency management, $339 million.

8. Maintenance of strategic stockpiles, $120 million.

9. Selective Service System, $25 million.

10. Most of the costs of retirement for Defense Department civilians and tax expenditures such as tax-free military allowances for housing.

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