Let a copper steeple weather with time

Q. Our church steeple has three separate areas of copper, one of which was painted white. The paint is now peeling. We wonder if we should repaint the painted copper or strip off the old paint and let the copper weather.

Thelma McFarlane

Dearborn, Mich.

A. Strip the paint from the copper. Let it age like the rest of the copper, since the area is not too large and easy to get at. Use any good quality marine remover to strip off the peeling paint down to bare metal.

Note: Avoid brushing out the remover too much. Using brush or roller, lay the stripper on heavy. Then let it alone to do its work. After the paint has lifted scrape it off. Follow with a soap and water rinse. This should provide a good-looking result and has the added advantage of no future maintenance.

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