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Here's a man with a nose for politics! US Rep. Barney Frank (D) of Massachusetts has introduced a bill to give the EPA authority to treat offensive odors as a form of air pollution. Why? His new district includes the city of Fall River, near the Rhode Island border. Just across the border sits a pig farm. During the summer, the prevailing breeze blows across the farm, assaulting nostrils in the city's first and second wards. A Frank aide admits there's been no ''groundswell'' of support for the measure in Congress. But it may help send a signal to the pig farmer that the Bay State means business. (The farmer and aides from Frank's local office are trying to talk this thing out.) This whole operation may also be an attempt by Frank to show that when his new constituents call for help, he's ready. Fall River was a key battle ground between Frank and US Rep. Margaret Heckler in the November election. The two incumbents were thrown together in the race because of redistricting. Fall River was part of Heckler's old district.

Frank doubted early-on that he could win there. He wound up beating Heckler there by a 60.3 percent to 39.7 percent margin.m

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