How to help birds avoid glass

To the real estate editor: Referring to Ted Stokes' question about how to keep birds from flying into glass, I am convinced that birds fly into glass, not because of what is inside or beyond the glass, but because of what they see as a reflection from the glass.

Each fall, when I hang bird feeders from my porch ceiling, I hang a piece of plastic screening that covers the window on the outside. This is a half-inch mesh, which lessens the amount of light only a fraction and does not detract from the appearance of the house.

The material was bought some years ago from a 2-foot-wide roll intended for nonskid use under carpeting.

Something similar to this is used at the Bowman's Hill Nature Center at Washington Crossing Park - that is, an expanse of fish netting, a considerably larger mesh, knotted of cord.

Edith C. Smith, Erwinna, Pa.

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