Israel may outlaw PLO contacts

The Israeli government, stating more strongly than ever its displeasure with Israelis who have met with Palestine Liberation Organization officials, has advocated outlawing similar meetings in the future.

Monitor correspondent John Yemma reports that Israeli Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir told the Israeli Knesset Wednesday: ''It seems that there is no alternative to enacting a law that will specifically prohibit (Israeli citizens) having contact with every organization, movement, body, or individual which is connected with the terror gangs of the PLO.''

The Israeli Justice Ministry is looking into the possibility of drafting a law that prevents such meetings. Earlier this month a group of four Israeli peace advocates, including publisher Uri Avneri, conferred with PLO chairman Yasser Arafat in Tunis.

Mr. Shamir, speaking for the Menachem Begin government, advocated that ''any Israelis, even if they belong to a marginal, unimportant group, be prohibited from having contact with Israel's enemies.'' He said the government rejects the argument that the PLO can be encouraged toward moderation. He reiterated the position that the government ''has not, nor shall it have, contact'' with the PLO.

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