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Comic book fan? The largest collection is in the Library of Congress in Washington. Second-largest is at Michigan State University in East Lansing, where a gift of 1012 comic books from the 1940s will be added to more than 16, 000 already in the library's Special Collections Division, used by scholars and researchers interested in the development of popular culture.

The Southern Regional Education Board, Atlanta, reports that business and management led all other fields in the number of college degrees awarded nationally and in the South during the 1970s. Black enrollment in predominantly white Southern colleges increased 193 percent during the decade. Hispanic enrollment increased 32 percent from 1976 to 1980. Education remained the largest field at the doctoral level.

Boston University School of Education offers a program to prepare teachers for in-house training careers in private industry. Almost half as many teachers are employed in the private sector as in public school systems. Today there are 750,000 people involved in the training of employees and customers. ''Service firms such as computers, banking, insurance, and health care . . . need education to remain as leaders in their fields,'' says Timothy Weaver, associate professor of instructional development.

Aerial archeologists J. Wilson Myers and Eleanor E. Myers of Michigan State University are compiling an aerial atlas of the ancient Greek island of Crete with two cameras borne aloft by a balloon and remotely controlled by an FM radio signal transmitted from the ground. The researchers are about half way through their project, which will provide a photographic record of 35 archeological sites on the island. A student staff assists them. They hope to compile similar atlases of other sites of ancient history - Sicily, Macedonia, and Cyprus.

Resources are scarce for faculty teaching uncommon languages. The Center for Applied Linguistics is compiling an updated revision of ''A Survey of Materials for Study of the Uncommonly Taught Languages.'' The present survey contains almost 7,000 entries, covering 970 languages. It covers teaching materials, readers, grammar books, and dictionaries published since 1980 for adult learners. (3520 Prospect St., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20007.)

Looking for the best computer programmer in the West (or East), Verbatim Corporation is sponsoring a computer software contest this month as a public service to advance students' knowledge of computer technology. The three-month competition is to develop educational software that is informative, imaginative, entertaining, and nonviolent for use at all levels of learning. It is open to teachers, professionals, or students. (Computer EdGame Challenge, 4966 El Camino Real, Los Altos, Calif. 94022. [415] 966-1412.)

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