Military data: Moscow's successes, and its shopping list

The Soviet Union and its East European allies have had some notable successes in obtaining Western military technology. Among them:

* Computers: complete system designs, hardware and software, a wide variety of general-purpose computers and minicomputers.

* Lasers: optical, pulsed power source and other components, including special optical mirrors suitable for future laser weapons.

* Radars: air defense radars and antenna designs for missile systems.

* Guidance and navigation: missile guidance subsystems; precision machinery for ball bearing production.

But there is much more they would like to obtain. The Soviet's ''shopping list'' for the 1980s is expected to include:

* Guidance systems for the MX and Trident missiles, which are beyond present Soviet technological capabilities.

* VHSIC (very high speed integrated circuits) and VLSI (very large scale integration).

* Large-scale scientific computers, such as the US-built CRAY-1 computer and ''superminicomputers.''

* Computer software, particularly IBM and IBM vendor programs because of past Soviet decisions to copy IBM computers.

Source: CIA report, April 1982.

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