Which window?

Traveling on trains always fascinated me. Short trips, long trips - I liked them all. Just put me on a train, and I was happy.

I remember one particular trip when I looked forward to viewing the countryside; but to my dismay, all I could see was a high rocky wall that had been blasted through to make way for the railroad tracks. I mentally grumbled as this went on for mile after mile.

Suddenly, my attention was attracted to something across the aisle from me. Looking out the window on that side of the train, I saw a river shining resplendently, flowing in the summer sun. The scene was magnificent. The view of the river had been there right along, but all I had seen was that impenetrable wall of rock. I simply needed to look in another direction for a different view.

Which window of thought are we looking out of? The window that shows only sickness, unemployment, deprivation, war - the dismal view depicted by the material senses? Is this, in fact, reality as God has established it? To find reality, in the deepest sense of that term, and to help free humanity from imprisoning conditions, we need to turn from the window of material sense to the window of spiritual sense. In other words, we need to discern what God has actually created - discern what is true, good, pure, and beautiful - and know that thism is reality.

When you look out a window of thought that shows inadequate supply, you can be certain that window is not providing a clear view of things. It is smudged with the soil of limited, earthbound thinking. We can turn from it and begin to see the river of divine blessings that is flowing freely.

We might begin this mental shift with gratitude. Gratitude for all the good that is ours. Such purification of thought is essential in gaining clearer views of God's creation.

When Christ Jesus was faced with a multitude of hungry folk, the disciples saw only the great numbers of people. They saw only the few loaves and fishes that were available and said to Jesus, ''What are they among so many?'' n1 But Jesus asked that the multitude sit down. He gave thanks and then proceeded to distribute the food. He was able to feed everyone and have twelve basketfuls left over. We can begin, through a change of view, to follow his example in our own lives, to prove that God does care for our needs.

n1 John 6:9.

Are we looking out a window that shows only the formidable wall of sickness? We can change our outlook and look away from the body, away from sickness and disease. This isn't to ignore sickness but to take an important step in healing it. Turning thought away from discord, we're better able to discern the truth of man, to see ourselves as God made us - whole, pure, and free. Perfect God and perfect man is the indisputable spiritual fact.

Just as I seemed transfixed with that stony wall I watched out of the train window, so does mankind seem to focus on problems. The tendency is to become preoccupied with symptoms, with fluctuating appearances and reports. But this tendency would blind us to the truth that brings healing. The need is to put God first, trusting Him with all our heart. Turning to Him in quiet, confident prayer will bring the appropriate solution to light. God is infinitely greater than the problem, whatever it may be. He is Love itself and cares unfailingly for every one of His offspring. He keeps them safe in His embrace, untouched by symptoms, prognoses, or diagnoses.

As we stay with this spiritual truth and begin to feel it deeply, our view changes. We come to realize the truth of Mary Baker Eddy's n2 words ''Each successive stage of experience unfolds new views of divine goodness and love.'' n3

n2 Mrs. Eddy is the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.

n3 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 66.

Since that train ride many years ago, I have tried to choose the view that is beautiful and that heals - the true view. It's our choice. We can always choose the clear, unobstructed view of man as God's child, forever held in His love, and thus help ourselves and humanity as well. DAILY BIBLE VERSE Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law. Psalms 119:18

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