Record guide: selected rock and pop releases

These capsule reviews are designed to help readers decide which records to buy. Inclusion does not indicate Monitor endorsement. Further reviews in the rock/pop category - as well as in other categories, such as classical and jazz - are published from time to time.


Crosby, Stills & Nash: ''Daylight Again.'' SD19360. Herein is a set of the bread-and-butter songs of Crosby, Stills, and Nash. They're mellow, and usually contain a fast-enough tempo to keep the tunes from wilting. ''Wasted on the Way'' has gotten play on the radio stations with its reflective, yet upbeat sounds. So has ''Southern Cross,'' an appealing rock ballad. The cut ''Might as Well Have a Good Time'' is charming, and pure folk. By now - having gone through tough days and down separate ways, then coming back together - the trio doesn't have to reach out and grap your lapels to tell you it can make music. And it certainly doesn't on this mild-mannered album. The collection is generally well crafted, and should appeal to longtime CS&N fans. It's nothing spectacular, just good music.

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