Put an overlay over windows to ease winter condensation

What will stop or lessen condensation on inside glass windows during winter while we are away?

This chronic moisture problem damages inside wall and sill finishes, the worst being at north windows. The crawl space under the house is heated in winter, using water from our hot water well.

Inside winter temperatures are between 36 degrees and 62 degrees F. We do not want to install storm windows for reasons of expense.

Should we open the crawl space vents during winter for ventilation?

Fred Bussey Ridgeway, Colo.

A. By all means, close crawl space vents, since you are keeping the inside temperature well above freezing during your winter absence.

The moisture on the windows is caused by inside warm air condensing when in contact with the colder glass.

Short of storm windows, apply an overlay over the windows, such as that made by Plaskolite, or its equal.

You can get in touch with Plaskolite Inc., PO Box 1497, Columbus, Ohio 43216, telephone (614) 294-3281.

Follow directions as to installation procedures and you may well have solved the condensation problem at a modest expense.

Verify with the manufacturer that its product indeed will be effective under the extreme sustained below-zero conditions at the site.

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