Hartford foundation gives local elementary schools money for basic subjects

The Hartford Foundation has benefited two local public elementary schools in Connecticut by awarding them $500 a student for special teachers and intensive instruction. The Sand Everywhere and McDonough Schools are part of a four-year, national average as determined by standardized test scores.

The program, which began in September, provides money for supplementary reading, writing, and math instructors in grades one to six. Not wholly a remedial program, it provides developmental opportunities for children working at grade level.

''The kids in both schools are very enthusiastic, because they have so much more attention than they've had before,'' says Donald Carso, chairman of Hartford's reading program.

One of the schools is an integrated school; in the other blacks and hispanics constitute the majority. Both schools were selected on the basis of student need.

The special instructors work closely with school teachers both in the classroom and in after-school meetings so teachers will be able to continue the special instruction long after the foundation funding is ended.

The first assessment of the grant's success will be made in 1984.

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