Surface mounted wiring feasible in modest homes

I want to insulate the walls and ceiling of my house, probably with cellulose.

I have no electricity and am happy without it. However, I may one day sell the place or change my attitude about electricity.

The dilemma: It seems silly to spend money on something I do not now want. Yet to rough wire the house before insulating the walls is obviously the practical thing to do.

Could electrical wiring be feasibly installed after insulating? Free Camman Fayetteville, Ark.

The ideal location for invisible rough electric wiring is in stud cavities. True, the preferable time to install rough wiring between studs is prior to insulating.

Surface mounted electrical wiring is not unusual in modest existing dwellings , however. Often it is the only practical way to wire an older building, especially if it is masonry.

Were it mine, I'd insulate now and leave the wiring to the next occupant or to your own later fancy. Surface mounted wiring covered with appropriate wire molding may not be all that objectionable.

And besides, if you insulate walls with cellulose pellets as opposed to blankets, you would not necessarily remove and replace wall finish material.

Caution: Use only cellulose insulation approved by the Cellulose Manufacturers Association, 5908 Columbia Pike, Bailey's Crossroads, Va. 22041. Otherwise, some cellulose insulation is unworthy of use.

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