Record Guide

These capsule reviews of a few currently available releases are designed to help readers decide which records to buy. Inclusion does not indicate Monitor endorsement. Further reviews in the rock/pop category - as well as in other categories, such as classical and jazz - are published from time to time. ROCK/POP

Alan Parsons Project: "Eye in the Sky.'' AL9599. The Alan Parsons Project offers a lot of what so much rock music lacks: invention. Rather than swaying nimbly to the winds of musical change, Alan Parsons continues making music the only way they know how - with versatility and craft. There's a charming understatement about the music in this album. The smooth mixing of such different elements as an orchestra and choir with electric guitar sounds both fresh and soothing. Alan Parsons proves you don't have to be obnoxious to be inventive. This long-playing (LP) record contains some of the smoothest, most gorgeous sounds I've heard this year. To be sure, the hit single ''Eye in the Sky'' is no masterpiece. It's pleasant and has an interesting concept behind the words. Beyond ''Eye,'' however, you get into the heart of the album. I especially like ''Silence and I,'' a charming and quiet song, and ''Old & Wise, '' the final cut, and one that sums up the artistry of the people who make up the Alan Parsons Project.

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