Search for a many-sided peace

The Reagan plan says the US:

* ''Will not support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.''

* ''Will not support annexation or permanent control by Israel.''

* Supports self-government by Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza ''in association with Jordan.''

* Believes ''the extent to which Israel should be asked to give up territory will be heavily affected by the extent of true peace and normalization and the security arrangements offered in return'' (meaning, most observers feel, Israel need not leave all of the West Bank and Gaza).

* Holds that Jerusalem remain undivided, but ''final status should be decided through negotiations.'' Fez charter calls for:

* ''Withdrawal of Israel from all Arab territories occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem.''

* ''Dismantling of settlements established by Israel on the Arab territories after 1967.''

* ''Palestinian people's right to self-determination and . . . national rights under the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization . . . and the indemnification of all who do not desire to return.''

* ''Establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.''

* ''The (United Nations) Security Council to guarantee peace among all states of the region including the independent Palestinian state.'' Israel: rejects Reagan plan, sees all of West Bank and Gaza as biblical ''Land of Israel,'' rushing to settle large Israeli population on this land. Backs only Camp David ''autonomy'' process, which now frozen. Opposition Labor Party, however, supports Reagan plan. Egypt: supports Reagan plan, has frozen Camp David ''autonomy'' talks and normalization with Israel. Demands Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon. PLO: rejects Reagan plan, backs Fez charter. Arafat has seemed interested in Reagan plan, though only on condition independent Palestine precedes ''association'' with Jordan. Now, however, he seems to reject plan altogether. Strong, Damascus-based tendencies in PLO totally reject plan. Syria: rejects Reagan plan, angry that Golan Heights not mentioned. Backs Fez charter. Working to prevent Jordan (with which Syria is at odds) from making peace with Israel. Jordan: believed discreetly interested in Reagan plan. Backs Fez charter. Needs PLO authorization to negotiate future of West Bank. Saudi Arabia: discreetly interested in Reagan plan. Prime mover behind Fez charter, which based on 1981 Saudi ''Fahd plan.'' (This much more clearly implies recognition of Israel by affirming ''the right of all states of the region to live in peace.'')

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