Two sweet treats to make for Halloween

On Halloween, you may not be able to control those bags of trick-and-treat treasures around the neighborhood, but you can be sure of the treats you make at your own home.

Wayne and Judith Welch of Los Osos, Calif., recommend these no-bake, energy-saving recipes, which are easy to make but hard to resist. Honey-Candied Apples 1/2 cup honey per apple Ground walnuts Sticks

Pour honey into mixing bowl. Spread ground nuts on flat plate. Insert sticks into apples.

Dip each apple in honey, making sure honey covers every part of it. Hold over bowl to catch excess drips.

Roll apple in ground nuts to cover. Place on plate and refrigerate until ready to serve. Natural Candy 1 cup natural peanut butter 1/4 cup carob powder 1/4 cup mashed bananas 2 teaspoons vanilla Cinnamon

Mix together peanut butter, carob powder, bananas, and vanilla. Shape into balls and roll in cinnamon. Store in refrigerator.

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