Unflagging peace workers

At least two important purposes are served by the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Alva Myrdal of Sweden and Alfonso Garcia Robles of Mexico:

* Grateful recognition of the long-time workers for peace - represented by these tireless disarmament leaders - to whom today's peace movement owes so much.

* Added awareness of the concrete measures against nuclear annihilation that have been achieved or await decision and action.

After years of disarmament efforts as a government minister, Mrs. Myrdal continues to push for a nuclear weapons-free zone in Europe. This is also one of the goals of the political figures from 16 nations, including Cyrus Vance of the United States and Olof Palme of Mrs. Myrdal's Sweden, who are joined in an independent commission on disarmament.

In her book called ''The Game of Disarmament: How the United States and Russia Run the Arms Race,'' Mrs. Myrdal stresses full disclosure of military spending, trade, and production as a means to start putting the brakes on arms.A step could be taken through the military budget disclosures being advocated by the United States during the current United Nations session.

But will anything actually be done to make the world safer for peace? Mr. Garcia Robles's experience shows that something can be done. He was instrumental in fashioning the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. He was also the architect of the 1967 Treaty of Tlatelolco, which sets up a nuclear weapons-free zo e in Latin America.

It was only last year that the United States finally ratified the latter treaty. International opinion needs'to be brought to bear on the two most likely nuclear states in Latin America - Argentina and Brazil - to get on board and guarantee there will be no nuclear weapons developed or tested on their territories.

Yes, the road to peace is long. All honor to those like these Nobel winners who do not flag along the way.

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