Cuddling isn't advised; Porcupines, by Wyatt Blassingame. New York: Dodd, Mead. 64 pp. $7.95. (Ages 7 -10.)

''For most of his life the porcupine is a rather solemn, silent, lonely animal. Yet now and then a whole group will get together and throw a party,'' writes Wyatt Blassingame in this lively nonfiction book for elementary readers.

''Porcupines'' describes the sometimes wild and uncanny life and habits of the prickly animals. Readers discover that sessions of beating on tree stumps, chattering, and whirling about are social events.

If you're considering adopting a porcupine as a pet, the author suggests that baby porcupines can be ''affectionate as puppies,'' but aren't the best companions to snuggle with in bed!

Tidbits like these are sure to spark inqusitive readers and even reluctant learners. Children have the opportunity to learn about ''The Family Life of Porcupines,'' ''Porcupine Legends and Names,'' and those infamous porcupine ''Quills'' - just a few topics covered in eight informative chapters .

''Porcupines'' has an abundance of black and white photographs to help introduce youngsters to these appealing animals.

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