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A call to the voting booths!

AFL-CIO unions, worried about a low voter turnout Nov. 2 that could help the GOP, will hand out hundreds of thousands of leaflets at job sites Oct. 19, urging workers to vote.

Only 36 percent of potential voters turned out in 1974 and 1978, nonpresidential elections, as compared with 54.4 percent in 1980. The leaflet campaign will focus on Congressional and gubernatorial elections. Most of the 60 sites chosen are in areas labor considers likely to have very close votes.

The AFL-CIO has also designated Nov. 2 as Solidarity Day II. In 1981, more than 400,000 people rallied in Washington against policies of the Reagan administration. Says AFL-CIO president Lane Kirkland, ''Last year we marched. This year we will vote.''

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