How to control clubface throughout swing

There is one particularly important thing to understand about golf: that you control the clubface. You can make it behave just as you want it to. I shall prove this to doubters in a moment.

First let me deal with a persistent myth. This is that the downswing goes so fast that once one has started it there's nothing further one can do about it. The fate of the shot, they say, is sealed.

The golf swing can be under control throughout.

But this is a very special type of control. It is based on decision. Not interference - decision. We can do what we will.

To convince yourself, I suggest you get a club and make a few decisions. Swing it so the toe of the club-head comes through first. Then decide to make the heel of it lead. Decide to swing with the clubface wide ''open,'' then to roll it ''closed.''

Do this at first without a ball. It is the clubface one is controlling at present. But when the point becomes obvious - that you can make the clubface do whatever you want - I suggest putting down one of those soft yellow playballs, a bit bigger than a tennis ball. Swing through it every which way.

In doing this exercise one notes how decisons are carried out by the hands and forearms without direct thinking, just by one's decision that they should control the clubface thataway.

Frequent practice on these lines, a little at a time, ''programs the computer.'' From then on the mere process of visualization will be sufficient to produce the control one wants.

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