For the record (1)

F.W. Woolworth Company announced it was closing all 336 of its Woolco discount stores in the US in a drastic restructuring of the company aimed at reversing its slump in profits.

In a San Francisco retrial of his case, Juan Corona was again convicted of murdering 25 Mexican farm workers 11 years ago.

The Pentagon, in an effort to find contraband, including drugs and guns, will have power to open overseas military mail for the first time since World War II, Pentagon and Postal Service officials said.

The Polish government hopes to lift martial law this year, government spokesman Jerzy Urban was quoted as saying. He reportedly said, ''The events at the end of August were not important enough to persuade us to modify our political line. . . . The working class did not back these disturbances.''

New government statistics show a slight drop in America's divorce rate. Although economists and sociologists say the divorce rate is likely to ''bottom out, maybe rise slowly'' with the economy, they predict it will never again go up at the spectacular pace of a decade ago.

The nation's basic money supply known as M-1 fell $1.3 billion in the latest reporting week. That left the money supply $3.6 billion over the top of the Federal Reserve target, which was between $445.9 and $457.0 billion.

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