Israel strikes; Arabs confer

As conferees at the Arab summit here debated a Lebanese call that Syrian forces pull out of Lebanon, Israeli warplanes destroyed Syrian anti-aircraft missile batteries for the second day running.

Four Soviet-built SAM-9 rocket launchers were reported knocked out near the main Beirut-Damascus highway. All Israeli planes returned safely to base, a military spokesman said. A similar installation was destroyed in the same area Wednesday.

The summit session was mainly devoted to Lebanon's demand that all foreign forces leave its territory, including the 30,000-strong Syrian peacekeeping force in the eastern Bekaa Valley. The Arab leaders rejected the request.

Sources said Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leader Yasser Arafat was ''revolted'' that his guerrillas were being billed as foreign forces together with Israel's invasion army.

Syria, which initially appeared ready to agree on an Arab decision to end the presence of its troops in Lebanon, later reversed its decision as a result of reported Palestinian pressure. Syria now insists that any pullout should be simultaneous with that of the Israeli troops.

Lebanon had remained unshakable in its demands, but a minister said he hoped some compromise formula would be found to avoid a deadlock on the issue.

Earlier, the summit conferees unanimously agreed on an Arab peace plan for the Middle East, called the ''Fez Charter.'' It combines Saudi Arabian and Tunisian proposals and includes aspects of the Reagan administration's new peace initiative.

In a separate development, the conferees rejected a proposal to bring Egypt back to the Arab fold.

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