US Jewish leaders on peace plan

Major American Jewish organizations told President Reagan his Middle East peace proposal violated the spirit of Camp David.

In a letter to Mr. Reagan, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations says his proposal ''does violence to the spirit of Camp David because it substitutes a specific American plan for the free give-and-take that is essential if the parties to the dispute are to resolve their differences.''

The conference, which represents 36 national Jewish groups, is the most influential Jewish umbrella group in the United States. Its letter, signed by Julius Berman, conference chairman, says Reagan's proposal ignores the Camp David time frame for working out a harmonious relationship between Arabs and Israelis as the basis for Palestinian autonomy.

''Such a building-block approach, if it is to have lasting value in the peace process, cannot be telescoped into the quick-fix remedy suggested by your proposal,'' the letter says.

The letter says it is not Israel's settlements policy in the occupied territories that is blocking peace talks, but the rejection by the Palestinians and King Hussein of Jordan of Israel's ''just and rightful place in the Middle East.''

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