Locate the swing's center point, then move it

What I want to say this time may sound a little difficult. But bear with me. It concerns what I would call ''the central secret of golf.''

Let me ask you a question. Where is the center of the swing?

Many people will answer that it is the still point somewhere in the back of the neck round which the shoulders and indeed the whole swing revolve. But this is not so.

The swing has multiple centers. But the center of centers is somewhere near the stomach. And it doesn't keep still - it moves.

It moves round on the backswing. But it moves forward and round on the through-swing.

The total weight of the golfer stays centered until the ball has gone, but only because the head stays back while the hips go forward. And the center point of the swing goes forward too.

It is important to understand this. Not so as to think about it, but so as not to think about it. And particularly not to hamstring your swing with the wrong belief.

Yes, the head stays back. The fulcrum point at the top of the spine stays still. But the center point of the swing moves.

Let it move. Make it move. Free yourself from the old inhibitions of orthodox instruction.

During the winter try this as an occasional exercise:

* Stand as at the address.

* Locate your center point.

* Swing it round as the first move of a backswing.

* Now swing the center point laterally to the left.

* Keep your head still and back.

* Let the center point come round to the front and as it does let your head come up too.

I think you will find this exercise most illuminating and an aid in finding a totally new and much more enjoyable golf swing.

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