Sandwiches to take back-to-school

Real sandwiches, the best ones, are those that need no implements. They can be eaten while walking around the porch, surveying the garden, or sitting in a comfortable chair.

Open-faced Danish sandwiches are nice, of course, and so are the deep fried croque-monsieur and croque-madame, but these are in a different category because they need a knife and fork.

You may differentiate, if you like, in sandwiches for special occasions, like those for brown-bagging, for school lunches, picnics, cookouts, and just plain snacks. But most of these can take pretty much the same basic rules, and here are some.

The first rule is not to take the whole thing too casually. Whether it's for a school lunchbox, the beach, or a quick snack, a sandwich, no matter how simple , can be and should be well made.

It really does make a difference if you start with a good, interesting bread and spread the butter carefully to all the edges. Or spread evenly whatever you use to go with the filling - mayonnaise, mustard, relish, jam, or jelly.

Sandwiches to be eaten outdoors should be especially refreshing. They should of course, be capable of easy transportation.

Eating outdoors seems to make taste buds sharper, so seasonings are important. Lettuce and other ingredients added at the last minute will make the sandwiches fresher. Sesame Peanut Butter Sandwich Peanut butter Tahini (ground sesame seed paste) Dark bread Banana Lemon juice Sunflower seeds

Combine equal parts peanut butter and tahini. Spread thickly on bread slices. Cut peeled banana into 1/4 inch slices.

Arrange several banana slices on half the bread slices. Sprinkle generously with sunflower seeds. Cover with second bread slice. Sandwich suggestions Prune and Nut Sandwich Combine about 1 cup cooked, pitted, and chopped prunes, 1/2 cup coarsely chopped nuts, 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice, and 2 tablespoons orange marmalade. Spread as filling for white bread. Chicken and Chutney Sandwich

Mix well equal parts minced cooked chicken, chutney, and cream cheese, and spread on thin slices of buttered whole wheat bread. Cream Cheese and Strawberry Jam

Spread slices of white bead with soft cream cheese and strawberry jam or any other favorite jam, then put together as a sandwich. Turkey and Russian Dressing

Spread slices of pumpernickel bread with butter. Arrange slices of fresh turkey breast on bread and spread with Russian dressing. Arrange tomato slices and lettuce leaves on top. Add another slice of bread.

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