Jellybean watching

President Reagan has raised the jellybean to such heights that we couldn't help noticing the word on a radio report the other morning. If we heard right, someone was suggesting a psychological theroy about what it means when you choose a yellow bean instead of a red, for example, modified by whether you are a man or a woman.

This could lead to certain amount of jellybean watching when Mr. Reagan hands around his celebrated jar. Nobody would want to be seen picking the color contary to one's true character. Which might make things difficult for people who always thought they were choosing tast -- ah that lemon! ah, that licorice! -- rather than hue. and perhaps especially hard for those who can't resist taking a mixed handful now and then letting their taste buds be surprised.

Maybe some variation of an old theme is once more called for. Don't watch our jellybeans, watch what we do.

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