Kuhn's situation; Reggie report

The three National League clubs most interested in dumping baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn are St. Louis, Houston, and New York, with Atlanta owner Ted Turner still doing a little fence straddling. Kuhn's problems seem to stem from the way he handled last summer's player strike and his cautious approach to cable television. However, a final decision on Bowie's situation won't be made until Nov. 1...California's Reggie Jackson, who isn't content to just hit home runs (he wants them to go 30 rows up in the bleachers) has now struck out more times than anyone in the history of baseball. The previous figure of 1,931 belonged to Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who retires at the end of the season.Jackson, who leads the Angels with 30 home runs, has also been a large factor in the club's 35 come-from-behind victories this season. Since the All-Star break Reggie has been hitting over .300.

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