Where PLO groups are going and when they will leave

The evacuation plan, negotiated by United States envoy Philip C. Habib, calls for the departure of up to 15,000 Palestine Liberation Organization and Syrian fighters from Beirut during a two-week period.

As of Aug. 22:

* 265 guerrillas formally with the Palestine Liberation Army of Jordan had arrived in Jordan.

* 132 fighters connected to Iraqi-backed factions of the PLO had arrived in Baghdad.

* 1,000 to 1,300 guerrillas primarily with the Al-Fatah group had departed by ship for Tunisia.

According to the Habib plan the remaining guerrillas will continue to depart in stages to South Yemen (Aug. 23 or 24); North Yemen (Aug. 24 or 25); Syria via Damascus highway and sea (Aug. 25-28); the Sudan (Sept. 2 or 3); and Algeria (Sept. 2 or 3).

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