Inside Report (4)

There may be some political victims of California's ''Victim's Rights Law.

Almost everyone believes the state Supreme Court will rule Proposition 8 - the law-and-order initiative approved by voters in June - unconstitutional. If it does, repercussions will be political as well as legal.

An abandoned bid to recall state Chief Justice Rose Bird could be revived. Four other justices could be caught in a ''referendum'' on the law when voters approve or reject the justices' appointments in the fall election.

The law is an issue in the US Senate race. Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. (D), a supporter of Chief Justice Bird, is opposed to it, while Republican San Diego Mayor Pete Wilson has vowed to push for Judge Bird's recall if the court knocks it down.

The governor's race pits an anti-Proposition 8 Democrat, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, against Republican state Attorney General George Deukmajian, who backs it.

There is little chance the court will delay its decision until after the election; Proposition 8 is in effect and already has been applied in some cases.

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