Recent anti-Semitic attacks in Europe

* March 27, 1980, Paris -- a bomb explodes in a Jewish university restaurant, injuring 27.

* July 27, 1980, Antwerp -- a grenade is thrown in the Jewish quarter against a group of children. One killed, 16 injured.

* Sept. 26, 1980, Paris -- four machine-gun attacks against Jewish targets.

* Oct. 3, 1980, Paris -- a car bomb explodes in front of the synagogue on Rue Copernic. Four killed, 20 injured.

* Nov. 25, 1980, Paris -- a man opens fire in a travel agency in a Jewish neighborhood, three wounded.

* Aug. 29, 1981, Vienna -- grenade attack against a synagogue. Two killed, seven injured.

* Oct. 29, 1981, Antwerp -- a truck blows up next to a synagogue. Three killed, 106 injured.

* Jan. 15, 1982, West Berlin -- a bomb explodes in a Jewish cafe. One killed, 25 injured.

* April 3, 1982, Paris -- Yacov Barimanitov, Israeli diplomat killed.

* June 3, 1982, London -- Schlomo Argov, Israeli ambassador to Britain, is seriously wounded.

* July 20, 1982, Paris -- two attacks: one against the Israeli Bank Leumi and the other against an electronics company that deals with Israel.

* Aug. 1, 1982, Paris -- an Israeli diplomat's car is blown up.

* Aug. 8, 1982, Paris -- a bomb damages a branch of the Rothschild bank. A bomb also explodes in front of a Jewish store.

* Aug. 9, Paris -- Rue des Rosiers attack.

* Aug. 11, Paris -- a bomb explodes outside offices of a firm that exports fruit from Israel and a bank that was Jewish-owned before it was nationalized earlier this year.

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