Serve cherry tomatoes with savory stuffing

Cherry tomatoes are the closest to the original species of tomatoes that grew wild in Latin America. One of their greatest attractions, at least for the home gardener, is that they're usually the first tomatoes to turn red in the garden.

With their rich red color and ready-to-serve size, they are certainly a favorite for salads and as garnishes, but many people are not yet aware of how ideal they are for hors d'oeuvres and snack food.

Arranged on a platter with deviled eggs, they add a bright, appealing attraction, and stuffed with a tiny portion of seasoning or salad can add more tastes as well.

Here are two serving suggestions that are attractive and easy to prepare.

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes: With a paring knife cut off top and scoop out pulp with a spoon. Stuff with egg or tuna salad and serve.

Tomato Snacks: Spread about one teaspoon whipped cream cheese on your favorite cracker. Top with half a cherry tomato, cut side down.

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