Outdoor activities. . . on land and water; Be a Winner in Windsurfing, by Charles Coombo. Morrow Junior Books/William Morrow & Co. Inc. $9.00.

From the islands of Greece to the sunny beaches of California, the relatively new sport of windsurfing is taking the world by storm. If you like sailing or surfing you'll love this sport, which began in 1969.

Charles Coombo put together this book, with excellent illustrations, to help you get started in windsurfing. He gives advice on the latest equipment and techniques needed to keep yourself above the water and on the board. Basic information about clothing, equipment, and regulations, and helpful items such as a scale for determining sea-wind velocities, are included. The text is aimed at a younger audience.

My own experience in teaching windsurfing tells me that you can't expect to learn it all from a book. If you're serious about the sport, check into some courses to get the face-to-face instruction, too.

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