News for the Traveler (3)

Exploring New England with your children is the focus of a new book from the publishers of Yankee Magazine. In ''Trips With Children in New England'' (Yankee Publishing Inc., Dublin, N.H., $9.95, or $10.95 postpaid) the emphasis is on participation - besides looking at exhibits, children can also experience tastes and smells, ride on things, take things apart, and make things work.

The book contains chapters on activities in each New England state, including shops, restaurants, and lodging, which are especially useful, appropriate, and attractive to families with children. For each location there are driving directions as well as information on what seasons of the year to visit, whether admission is charged, and phone numbers. In addition, at the beginning of the book there is some plain, sound advice on how to travel with your children and have your trip be enjoyable for them and for you.

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