Specialty paint may solve concrete problem

Q. We have an outside concrete stairwell to the basement. The paint on the concrete bleeds soon after each coat is applied. Is there a special concrete paint that won't bleed? Should small indentations in the concrete be filled before painting? Mrs. Sam Barbiero Golden, Colo.

A. Get in touch with an industrial paint company for a recommendation. Ask your local paint store manager for a name or two.

An industrial paint firm is one that deals in specialty products rather than architectural materials that are ordinarily available in a regular paint store.

There are heavy-duty epoxies on the market which are made to withstand hydrostatic pressure. This may be why the paint bleeds on your cellar steps.

As to filling in the indentations in the steps, check with the labeled instructions on the paint can. If the industrial epoxy is thick enough, it may fill the indentations. Prepare the substrate as provided on the label.

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