LPGA's lofty standard

If golfer Nancy Lopez were to retire tomorrow, would she deserve to be in the LPGA Hall of Fame? Enshrinee Sandra Haynie thinks not. The winner of last weekend's Rochester International believes in long-term success as a yardstick. ''I don't believe anyone should be enshrined after playing hot golf for just two or three years,'' Haynie says. ''Nancy has been on the tour five years and has had two fantastic seasons (1978 and 1979), but I don't think she should qualify on her accomplishments to date.''

At this point, Lopez has 24 career wins, including one LPGA title. That leaves her considerably shy of meeting the LPGA's qualification requirements. (Ten-year veterans must win 30 events and at least two different major titles.)

Amy Alcott views these standards as unrealistic given the realities of the modern tour. ''When players like Mickey Wright and Betsy Rawls took turns winning tournaments (during the 1950s and '60s), the LPGA standards were more in line. Not, however, in light of the current competition.''

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